Q. Can the zombie player play multiple zombies during their turn in the combat phase? Example: I played “Unpleasant Surprise” so all zombies can ambush during action phase. Can I then play zombie cards on all five survivors? Even without that the “Unpleasant Surprise”, can the zombie player attack all the survivors in the “on point” row?? A related question – can you play more than one zombie card on a single survivor card?

A. One zombie per Survivor (for now). Some cards i have in set 2 allow for teaming up on both sides. It’s sort of a “realism” thing. I’d like to think that if 2 zombies were attacking me and no one else was under attack that someone would take one of them on. Zombies with ambush can attack anyone and they also do their damage first.

Q. If the zombies are not killed (or even injured) in the first round of combat, they persist into the second round of combat, correct? Because the survivor had no other Supply or Action cards to play, the resolution of the second turn of combat was the same as the first. Once played, do the zombies persist on the survivor, doing damage in both combat turns?

A. Each turn the Survivors are present with the Zombies at a location they are in combat. If the Survivor can’t hurt the Zombie but it can hurt them it does so. If a zombie injures a Survivor twice it is placed on the Survivor as an infection. Zombies not placed as infections or destroyed remain at the location after the Survivors leave.

Q. Is there any way to defend or kill the infected survivors so they don’t turn and attack the healthy survivors?

A. There’s currently no way to take down infected Survivors. There are 4 cards in Set 2 that will prevent/cure/kill them before they can turn (Vaccination, The Cure, Crude Amputation, Mercy Kill).

Q. Can the survivors attack zombies that are not attacking them (especially those in the second row)? how about if they have a ranged weapon?

A. The On Point Survivors are sort of the bottleneck of combat. Those in the back row cannot assist in combat (ranged weapons could splatter infected blood or hit the Survivor, etc) though you’ve just given me ideas for about 3 new cards with this question.

Q. Do the Supply cards last on the survivors? If you play a weapon on them at the first location, does that last to the next location? until that survivor dies? The Round Maintenance Phase doesn’t mention removing cards from survivors, and some cards state how long they last, but many don’t.

A. If it is a Weapon or some form of Equipment it stays until they die unless the card says otherwise.

Q. What is the value of the Slow Burn zombie reaction card? The rules say if the survivor is injured twice s/he is infected. The card says if the survivor is injured twice, then play it and the s/he is infected – it seems like this is already going to happen without the card.

A. Slow Burn helps if you are injured by something that isn’t a zombie. For example if I injure you with friendly fire and the next turn twisted ankle. That’s two non-zombie injuries. Or a Violent Survivor which is a human and not a zombie.

Q. Do penalties (and bonuses) stack? The example I had was two zombie priests were played, so is that a total of -4 to the Faithful Survivors combat rating?

A. Yes unless it states otherwise. No stat can go below 1 though.

Q. All three of my combats in the first turn were “ties” (they were not actual ties, the defender’s toughness was greater than the combat rating of the attacker), so it went to Gore vs. Courage, which were real ties. Was this a fluke? Are ties that common? or is it more likely I was doing something wrong??

A. Unless the CR and the Tough are the same number someone wins. Either by successfully defending themselves from injury or by injuring the target. The only time you go to courage v gore is if the CR & Tough are the same number. Typically by the time you play other cards and effects (the aforementioned Zombie Priest) you shouldn’t get many ties. Keep in mind Survivors are dependent on equipment just as they are on say The Walking Dead. It’s almost impossible to destroy a zombie bare handed (and not get infected).

Q. The rules show pictures of different locations and survivors than included in either the base pack or the Kickstarter bonus cards. Are they planned as subsequent additions?

A. Some of the cards (like Narcoleptic Zombie) had art changes because of backer pledge art. Black friar Pub is a card the was bumped into set 2.

Q. When you place weapons on characters, is there any limit? For example, I take it a character could have a handgun and a weedwhacker (ranged and melee). Could they have 2 handguns? How about 2 rifles? 2 rifles and 3 handguns?

A. One ranged and one Melee. There are cards I’ve been working on that would allow dual wielding of one type of weapon or another.

Q. When the zombie player plays zombie cards, how many can he put down into play? Does he have to attack with each zombie in play? Is there any way that a survivor player can choose to attack a zombie rather than the other way around?

A. You could play more zombies but when you play one that can’t be assigned to a Survivor that is one less zombie you have at future locations. You can only attack Survivors on point. Think of it as a choke point Survivors set up to protect the folks not on point.

There are mechanics and cards that will allow Survivors to switch things up coming soon. I designed the cards in the starter set to tilt toward Zombie because they tend to be overwhelming in movies.

Q. If a survivor attacks an incoming zombie and he ties, and the bravery / gore stats are also a tie, does the zombie “win” or does the survivor (in the same way that when a zombie attacks and it’s a draw, the tie goes to the zombie)?

A. Ties go to the aggressor. Once there’s a method for Survivors to be more aggressive that will change.

Q. If either player runs out of cards, do they reshuffle the used cards and then deal from the deck again?

A. Players finish the game with whatever cards they have if they started with 40 cards. For the sake of gameplay with the basic set feel free to reshuffle the decks.

Q. Do you take both Survivor turns consecutively, or do you alternate (one as Survivors then one as Zombies, then your opponent doing the same, making for one round)?

A. I’ve found it’s less confusing to alternate Survivor turns but that’s a personal preference. If you want an official statement then you would alternate turns between your Survivor hand and your Zombie hand until the second player has finished their second turn as a Survivor, thereby finishing up an entire Round.

However, it sometimes throws people off if they’re working a strategy on their Survivors (or Zombie) cards if they take a turn then switch to their Zombies. This is one of those things where you’ll get the same results regardless of the choice (since no Survivor cards affect the opponent’s Survivor cards). That being said, if you like playing like that it’s fine for 2 player games but you’ll have to change that if you play a four player game.

Q. Does this mean, in a two-deck game, that each player manages two hands (a Survivor hand and a Zombie hand) throughout the game?

A. You would typically manage a Survivor hand and a Zombie hand yes. This wouldn’t be done at the same time though. You’ll play your Survivor turn, set those cards down, then play your Zombie turn.

Q. Would you please consider posting an example of play somewhere?

A. Based on questions I’ve gotten and my own desire for a prettier and more filled out manual I’ll have something soon. I’ve re-done the manual to clarify a couple of things and am working on typing up a sample game right now. I don’t have a good method of recording a game for a video demo at this time unfortunately.

Q. With the decks available now, does this mean that each player comes to the table with identical Survivors and Locations?

A. Yes you’ll have the same group of Survivors and Locations. However, planning and slotting will make each group different. Laying Locations in a certain order will work well with some Zombie cards more than others.

Q. Are there actually plans for an expansion at this point?

A. There are over 50 cards in testing as I type this. They’re based off previous play sessions and some were tested with the original batch of cards from this Kickstarter. I’d like to have a kickstarter for them (plus some new perks I’ve arranged) within the next 3 months but I have to see how things go with the current game and if the feedback and support are there. The next Kickstarter would be for a stand-alone expansion and a ton more options for Stretch goal cards (including new sets of Survivors and Locations).

Q. Can new zombies be played during the second turn of combat or just the first turn for example; all of my “on point” survivors were killed in the first turn of combat could new zombies be played against survivors that were in the back but now are up front?

A. Zombies can be played during any turn. Generally, if the on point folks die in the first turn that means zombies are still there ready to fight so you shouldn’t need to play more.

Q. Is there any certain order that Zombie and actions cards are played or can either be played at anytime between the draw and combat for example; can I play an M.R.E onto a survivor after a zombie has been chosen to attack that character(as long as I hadn’t played any cards yet that turn)?

A. The Survivor plays their action and their equipment then the Zombie player plays their action and zombies. 

Q. How many rounds of combat are there, is it just two (the survivors attack and Zombies attack then repeat) and that’s it or does the attack keep going until the zombies or the survivors they were attacking are dead?

A. Combat ends after two turns for a round. You can choose to remain there through another round if you’re trying to clear the area to get the supply cards.

Q. If the survivors choose to stay another round at a location does everything repeat including the zombie player drawing cards?

A. The zombie player can only draw when a card says to. Locations are draw upon first arrival. Some cards will let you draw additional cards. It’s handy to hold those in case someone does try to stay an extra turn.

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