ALL Our Cards…and Eggs.

Here’s every card that we currently have art for. Some of these will be included only if we hit certain Kickstarter stretch goals…

graveyward-web Slow Burn zombiebarista-web Rigged Weedwhacker zombiebaby-web9mm-web airborne-web arnie-web barricade-web blackfriar-web bobbywayne-web closequarter-web daringescape-web decay-web fog-web initiative-web jam-web kotzas-web mre-web narcoleptic-web overgrown-web priest-web robbclark-web sarah-web sistermaria-web triage-web twisted-web undead-web unpleasant-web violent-web wakedead-web waterlogged-web zombie-web

A couple of notable cards including the 5th base Survivor are absent due to art being in progress. Hope you like what you see!

One response

  1. This is a awesome idea, I hope you can get it produced and on the market.
    from Zombie on

    September 4, 2013 at 2:06 pm

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