DevBlog – The Return!

Kickstarter Goals Discussion

So we’ve been kicking around some ideas for Kickstarter donation rewards and I wanted to take some time to let everyone know what we’re thinking.

Below you’ll find some of the tentative Kickstarter donation tiers. Keep in mind these are subject to change and just a small portion of the full donation options we’re planning.

$10 – Generic Zombie

A PDF copy of the rules and cards + your name in the Graveyard Donations area of the website (coming with the Kickstarter announcement).

$25 – Week-Old Zombie

A copy of the game + a “They’re Coming…” art print.

$150 – Severely Injured Survivor

The game, the print, and your likeness on a Zombie in the game + a print of that art signed by the artist.

If you have an idea for a donation reward feel free to let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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