DevBlog #8: Zombies Don’t Have Nards!

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes there will be three types of people: Undead, Living, Lunch.

In They’re Coming… if you want to avoid becoming the first or third ones you’ll have to fight and fight well. That is the subject of this week’s DevBlog, Combat.

We wanted to make sure combat plays out as close to movies and “reality” as it can in the game and still be fun. After a player’s turn has begun and they’ve moved their Survivors to a location the Zombie player draws their cards (after any effects that the location card or other cards cause in this phase). Any Zombie cards will then be played and they will target certain Survivors. Maybe Joe is closer or maybe he’s fatter, or maybe he just smells tasty, whatever the reason a Zombie has targeted him.

The first thing that happens is both players check for special effects that might change how combat resolves between these characters and they play any cards they have that might alter combat. Assuming that there are no special modifiers or triggers combat commences.

Survivors will always have the initial combat advantage, they see or hear the Zombie coming and can fire any ranged weapons they’ve picked up. Any Zombies not destroyed in this first round of combat continue forth and enter melee combat with their target. The only instances where melee combat begins immediately is when a Zombie has the “Ambush” skill or the Survivor has no ranged weapons. Any melee weapons equipped on the targeted Survivor come into play in this instance.

Combat consists of comparing the Toughness of the target and the Combat Rating of the attacker. If a target’s Toughness is less than the attackers Combat Rating then the target is wounded. If the Combat Rating is double or more the Toughness it’s an instant kill and the target is removed from play. The only time this changes is if the target was a Survivor in which case they become a Zombie and attack another Survivor of the Zombie player’s choice. If a Zombie receives two injuries the second is considered a kill shot/hit, also known as a”Double Tap”, and the Zombie is destroyed.

If a Survivor is wounded twice by the same Zombie in a turn then that Zombie infects them with their last action and is placed on them as a Zombie Virus Infection. Zombies have a counter that denotes how severe the wounds they inflict are, this is used to determine how many turns it will take a Survivor to succumb to the Zombie virus and reanimate as a Zombie themselves.

Many cards are designed to delay, alter and generally throw a wrench into Survivor and Zombie player combat planning so players will have to stay on their toes, just like in a real Zombie Apocalypse!

That’s all for this week’s DevBlog, stay tuned for more art this week! It’s going to be a two-fer this week, no sketches, we’re going straight to the finished products.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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