DevBlog #7: Research of the Living Dead…

I know you’re all asking the same question: Where in the world did the ideas for the game come from?

Research. Lots and lots of research. I thought you might want some insight into just what we’ll be aiming for with the cards.

Here’s  a list of sources we went to when looking for the visuals, cards, and situations you’ll come across in They’re Coming…:

The Top Ten Inspirations:

1. World War Z & Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks

2. Night of the Living Dead Series (Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Diary) – George Romero

3. Evil Dead (1&2 + Army of Darkness) – Sam Raimi

4. The Walking Dead (Comic & Series) – Robert Kirkman

5. Shaun of the Dead – Edgar Wright

6. Dead Snow – Tommy Wirkola

7. Dawn of the Dead (Remake) – Zach Snyder

8. Planet Terror – Robert Rodriguez

9. Fido – Andrew Currie

10. Night of the Living Dead (Remake) – Tom Savini

Honorable Mentions:


28 Days Later

Return of the Living Dead (All of ’em)

There you have it! A couple books and a lot of movies have been “consumed” in order to bring a fun experience to you Zombie lovers out there. Obviously there are some glaring omissions on this list (Cemetery Man, Dead Alive, Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, etc) but don’t fret, we’re just getting started. Who’s to say you won’t see a Shark-related card somewhere down the road?

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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