DevBlog #6: For Every Action…

They say that actions speak louder than words.

That will never be better demonstrated than in They’re Coming…

You’ve heard about Equipment, Locations, Survivors and Zombies. Now it’s time to hear about all the stuff that’s actually happening: Actions, Reactions, and Zombie Actions.

Actions are cards that can only be played on your Survivor turn. They may some times have certain conditions that must be met in order to be played or they may alter the current conditions of the game. These are the cards that will buff (amplify) your Survivors in some way or debuff (hinder) your opponent’s Zombies.

Reactions are a Survivor card that can be played on any turn. They may require special circumstances to be played and often neutralize a threat or prevent harm to Survivors. Once in a while you’ll even find a Reaction card that buffs the specific activity occurring on the play area. Maybe that Axe your Survivor just used to deal more damage to a Zombie opened you up to play Decapitate and reduce that Zombie to nothing more than a snapping Zombie Head?

Zombie Actions are cards that can be played on the players Zombie turn. These are primarily designed to augment Zombie attackers and hinder or injure Survivors. Nothing says “trouble” like a gun that’s suffered a Jam.

That’s all we have to say at this time on the subject of Actions and such. Don’t forget that we’re already a week into July! That means even less time to enter the Facebook Contest so don’t wait! Head over to our Facebook page and “Like” us!

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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