DevBlog #3: I Will Survive Or How I Stopped Worrying And Started Eating Human Flesh…

It’s Monday and that means DevBlog time.

Last week we talked about the groundwork of any game of “They’re Coming…“, the locations!

This week we’re going to hit on two subjects: Survivors and Zombies.

Playing a Survivor is great and we’re working to really engineer the feeling of desperation and risk involved with escaping a city overrun by ghouls. You’ve out-maneuvered the undead hordes and dodged violent bandits and raiders for days, maybe weeks. The group that you’re aligned with has decided it’s time to make a break for it. You made a very quick retreat into a fortified hideout as everything went down the drain and now it’s time to get out of the city. That’s where the Survivor side of the game picks up. You and your group are taking your first steps into the zombie-infested world since the start of the Zombie Apocalypse.

The group is a small group of five Survivors from all walks of life that have come together in an effort to make it to a Rescue Station and to the safety that a well-stocked place such as that can provide. Each turn the Survivors proceed to a new location, fighting Zombies and collecting much needed supplies along the way.

As the Survivor player you’ll have a deck of 25-40 cards such as weapons, medicine, “Action” cards and more that you’ll need in order to get as many of your group as possible to the Rescue Station alive.

Being the Zombie hordes is also fun and a great way to get your inner ghoul out and on the table. When not playing the desperate Survivor group, each player will be the Zombie controller. As with being a Survivor you’ll have a deck of 25-40 cards to work with in your quest to consume those tasty humans. Zombies won’t get equipment or supply-like items since they’re just mindless eating machines. What they lack in skills they make up for in durability and danger. Just engaging in combat with some Zombies can result in a Survivor becoming infected with the Zombie Plague!

Zombie players also tend to get perks from a larger number of locations than Survivors do in addition to having more cards that can delay or stall the Survivors in their attempt to reach safety.

Both sides will feel like they should when you pull the top open on your Starter decks and take on your friends. Survivors will be scrappy, daring and desperate. Zombies will be relentless, numerous, and deadly.

Just like it should be.

Next week we’ll take a look at some of the weapons you’ll see as a Survivor.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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