DevBlog #2: We Built This City…

Time for another DevBlog folks!

Now I’ll start explaining more of the basics of the game.

When you think Zombies and Apocalypse what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I always think about George Romero’s Night/Dawn/Day/Land of the Living Dead Series. I always found them amazing to watch even when I was probably too young to be watching them. There was a group of survivors pulled together by the cataclysmic circumstances and forced to work together or perish.

My biggest problem was that until Land of the Dead (and even then) we saw little of the chaos and destruction that must occur in the early days of such an event. It was typically a brief glimpse of an urban area followed by a more focused view of the stars of the story.

What about the Mom & Pop grocery store? The neighborhood bookstore? The local park? What about the way things look a few weeks or months after everything starts falling apart? How would a city look as people are making their way out of areas that are now densely packed with flesh-eating ghouls and to the relative safety of the countryside or that last bastion of humanity, the rescue station? Max Brooks does an amazing job in his book World War Z of giving the reader a feeling of what it might have been like to escape the urban and suburban areas of the world as the Zombie Apocalypse came crashing down. That’s what we’re going to capture with the very first stage of gameplay and the method of winning a game in They’re Coming…

Get to the rescue station. Get to safety.

At the beginning of a game both players will break out their decks and lay down (in an order of their choice) locations. These cards represent those urban and suburban places you might pass every day on the way to work or school. Tom’s Grocery Store, Resurrection Hospital, and even that unnamed Warehouse. Each location will have advantages and disadvantages for both players.

The key to this first mechanic is that you will choose the locations your opponent moves their survivors through and he or she will choose the locations you move your group through. There will be a certain amount of strategy and balancing involved with selecting your location cards when building your deck. Each location that has a specific benefit for the Zombies might have a different benefit for the Survivors (more on Zombies and Survivors in the next DevBlog), one that may prove a major advantage if they have the right cards. It will be up to you to balance the benefits to your game plan with the benefits these same cards may offer your opponent.

Five locations to shoot and hack your way through in order to reach safety. Relative safety.

Five chances to bite and chew on Humans in an attempt to prevent the running buffets from escaping.

That’s all for this DevBlog. Next time, more on Zombies and Survivors.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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