Dev Blog #1: What are we doing?

When we first set out to design the game there were several concepts that were talked about, not just Zombies.

Some, (like a Dungeon crawling style game) are still in planning, others are being pitched as video games and even comic books.

My personal passion (and phobia) is the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse. Now, I don’t necessarily want such a thing to come to pass but the idea of taking out my aggression on some flesh-hungry monsters isn’t all too unappealing. Once we’d talked it out some and settled on Zombies we then had to decide on how to execute the idea.

Board game style gameplay was the original concept. You’d start off with 2-3 other players at your own corners of the map/board. The first person to reach the center and start the helicopter was the winner. This design would have had Heroclix(tm) style Survivor tokens that moved along a winding path in an effort to “get to tha choppa”. Random cards would be drawn whenever a player landed on a danger icon. Sometimes this would result in an accidental death to a Survivor, other times it was a Zombie attack (and a click of your token to represent your dwindling numbers).

This concept seemed pretty fun but also rather predictable. Sure there was a certain element of chance involved but for the most part you were done for if you had a streak of bad luck. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of games that are pure luck. Growing up I played a lot of card games as did many people I know. My familiarity with the TCG/CCG genre and Zombie movies led the design down the TCG path.

When you build a deck in a TCG you get a lot more control of your fate. Sure, there’s still that element of luck but it is honed by your decisions in constructing your deck.

Now, to get to the details of the actual gameplay…next time.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant.


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