They’re Coming – Expandable Card Game

“They’re Coming” is an indie-game being developed by Super Magical Powers Studio in Chicago, IL.

Can you make it to the Rescue Station?

Who will live?

Who will die?

Make your own zombie movie experience, all you need is a friend (or enemy) and two “They’re Coming” decks.


Each player must come prepared with a pair of pre-constructed decks (One Supply deck for the Survivors, One Zombie deck…for the Zombies), 5 Survivors, and 5 Locations.

Players will take turns laying out Location cards from their hands in any order they choose starting from their opponents beginning location to the Rescue Station. Once the Locations are in place gameplay commences with each player taking a turn as both Zombies and Survivors.

Each Round consists of two turns at a Location during which any combat between Survivors and Zombies will be resolved. Any time the area is clear of zombies the Survivors can look for Supplies (drawing a pre-determined number of cards from their deck as shown on the Location) before moving on.

One response

  1. Jim Walsh

    Are the cards available for purchase yet? If so, how? Thanks!

    February 16, 2014 at 1:02 am

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